My first build

To kick off my 2017 I’ve finally managed to build my own PC which I always wanted to do. After contemplating over different factor such as build type and expense I’ve finally managed to assemble the AVENGERS! There were few moments when I would really get paranoid about even little sound or when the motherboard would display solid red light on its led. But luckily none of the parts were broken and are working perfectly fine 😛

Build specs:


Helpful websites:

  • uk.pcpartpicker: Since I had minimum to zero knowledge to build a rig I simply started with googling trendy custom builds. But this site is particularly helpful as it contains many different builds of your taste ranging from cheap to extreme hardcore builds. Also comments from trolls or genuine people on each posts can be helpful to make decisions. The site also has feature to check compatibility of the parts you select which is very handy.
  • hotukdeals: Basically this site contains all the latest deals that people have discovered ranging from high street food retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury to online gaming parts or travel deals to several countries. It is definitely worth checking this site for PC components as you might get lucky with sales on the parts you wanted on your build.

There are other plenty of helpful site just a google away 🙂 Have fun and good luck to the people who are planning to build their future rig.


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