Been nearly a month since I last updated this blog xD. Just been spending time at work, playing game and catching up with mates here and there.

DGC organised their 10th show last month(October 9th). It was organised in a new venue located in Stratford which was far more better compared to the previous ones. Got an opportunity to perform in few of the songs with amazing people. And personally I think we did a pretty good job 🙂

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Work work work just been working with bug fixes, learning and working on new projects with other grads at work. Watched Doctor strange wohowhoho. For me the best moments were the special effects were the hero’s could manipulate the objects around them.

I have also been spending tiny bit of my time for few weeks when I was bored in creating a mini game called Tap-that. It is on its first stage so expect many different kind of bugs please 😛 I will try to get it fixed if I got like absolutely nothing to do haha.








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